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Elope with I Do Hawaiian Weddings

Why an elopement with I Do Hawaiian Weddings may be the best thing for you?

Traditionally elopements were a tool used by those truly in love, outside of the acceptance of their community, often as a quick getaway to more accepting lands for an intimate ceremony to keep the symbolism and legality of their romantic union alive. Although the reasoning behind people's elopements has evolved quite a bit as time progressed, the core value has been maintained. You're ready to take that next step toward your future together, now!

Micro Wedding Hawaii
Micro Wedding in Hawaii

Hawaiian Micro Weddings

Planning Your Elopement

Picture this, you and your beloved are on a romantic getaway together on Oahu, maybe you’re planning your anniversary, then it hits you, this is it, you’re with your true love and ready to let everyone know. That's where we step in. At I Do Hawaiian Weddings, catering to small, intimate, and romantic ceremonies is what we do best.

All you need to get legally married in the State of Hawaii is:

  • Registered Marriage Performer (officiant, minister, celebrant, etc.) You must have this to apply for your marriage license online.
  • State of Hawaii Marriage License picked up by the couple in person from the Department of Health.

However, we find there is something truly special in elevating your romantic union from just a Document Signing, to a proper experience in love. With the incorporation of a Ceremony Package you will embark on a journey together surrounded by the beauty of the island, smells of fresh flower lei, and guided vows as you solidify your partnership with one another.

Elopement on Oahu

Elopements on Oahu

Elope in the Paradise

From the moment your plane wheels touch down or you step outside your door, if you're on Oahu, then you are already surrounded by paradise: its crystal-clear waters dance against some of the top-rated shorelines in the world, and its lush and vibrant greenery offers all the wonders and sounds nature has to offer, and the sunshine on your skin just feels invigorating. No matter how your love has grown together be sure your romantic union will be as unique and unforgettable as you.

Experience the laid-back Hawaiian lifestyle here where you can move as fast or as slow as you’d like with your days, leaving endless choices for couples who want to relax or explore. So let us handle every planned detail, flower pick-up, beach, or park permit request to ensure you get to participate in only that which serves your continued love. Should you want the sand between your toes as you share your vows, or to stand at the base of an abundantly green mountain range while exchanging rings I Do Hawaiian Weddings is here to make your vision into your reality.

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Oahu Elopement

We planned our wedding with little over 3 weeks time, flew all the way from the East Coast, enjoyed our vacation, and snuck in the wedding :)

June walked us through the entire process from start to finish. She laid out all the packages for us, worked within our budget, lined up Debbie (who btw is an amazing photographer), helped with the license registration, and officiated an amazing ceremony right on the beach.

Nabeel N., Baldwinsville, NY
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